Top Oldest Funiculars in Lithuania and Europe

Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway/Cable Car

Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway/Cable Car was built in 1931 by German company AEG. Funicular railway length is 142 meters, inclination angle – 25.9%, travel time – 1.5 minutes. One wagon could rise 35 people. Main Žaliakalnis funicular function – connect the center with ŽALIAKALNIS and the function it plays very successfully.

Zaliakalnis Funicular Railway/Cable Car

Aleksotas Funicular

Aleksotas Funicular Railway/Cable Car was built in 1935 by Swiss company. Funicular railway length is 132.9 meters. Inclination angle – 18%. Carriages can accommodate about 25 people. Funicular connects the old part of the city with Aleksoto Hill, which opens to the center of Kaunas and the Old City. There is a viewing platform.

Aleksotas Funicular Railway/Cable Car

Vilnius Gediminas Hill Funicular

Vilnius Gediminas Hill Funicular Railway/Cable Car was built in 2003. Funicular railway length is 71 meters. Uphill takes just 35 seconds. Carriages can accommodate about 16 people. Rising up the hill, you can enjoy a view of the Neris River. Funicular useful for the elderly and parents with children.

Vilnius Gediminas Hill Funicular

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