Turaida Castle

Top Stone Castles in Latvia


In 1214 Turaida Castle was a wooden castle, after reconstructed to stone castle. The castle now represents a museum exhibition related to the historical events of the surrounding area. 

Turaida castle is the most visited one outside Riga walls. Many travellers are coming here not just from Latvia, but also from other countries to enjoy the fantastic view from the main tower, to see and hear real legend about Turaida castle.

Today everyone can visit the Main tower of Turaida castle. At the moment Turaida castle has plenty of materials and they are also exposed here.  Tourists are welcome to buy small souvenirs from a small market.

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Turaida Castle


Cesis City history dates back to 800 years distant past. Today Cesis Medieval Castle is spectacular spectator of Cesis town history and it grabs visitors with its medieval architecture and lovable features. After receiving candle-light lamps at Castle visitor’s center, you are ready to visit the Castle! Excellent view from the Westerns tower overlooks the castle, the castle park, the city and its environs.

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Bauska Castle has first been mentioned in historical documents in 1443 when the Livonian Order built. Bauska Castle is situated on a colorful spit of land where the Musa and Memele rivers mingle into the Lielupe. The castle building is the only architectural model in Latvia explaining the display of mannerism-ere architecture and design in the Duchy of Courland.

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